Monday , May 25 2020

What is the ICC?


  What is the ICC? Based in Paris, ICC was founded in 1919. In the chaos that followed WW1, a group of industrialists and financiers were determined to try to bring some order into world trade and to establish some rules and agreements that would make it easier to do …

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International Commercial Terms (Inco terms)


  ‘Incoterms’ has become a stock term in the international freight world. In fact it is a word that is copyrighted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Following some years of discussion and drafting within the ICC, they issued the first International Commercial Terms (Inco terms) in 1936. There …

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Rail Freight Options


Rail Freight Options The types of goods carried are characterized as follows Bulk shipments of 20-50 tonne capacity wagons carrying – Coal (imported or domestic) to power stations Aggregates for construction Oil from refineries Chemicals China & clay Timber You will no longer see the sidings that used to grace …

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Tips for identify the supplier


How do  the identify your supplier..?? There are several sources all around the world to help you identify the suppliers that may be able to supply the cargo that you want.. Most popular among these sources are : Virtual sources 1 Trade Portals 2  Websites 3  Blogs 4 Magazines Tangible …

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What is Proof of Delivery?


WHAT IS PROOF OF DELIVERY? Your driver will bring with him a Proof of Delivery receipt. Along with the Bill of Lading or BOL and Terms and Conditions, the Proof of Delivery is one of the essential pieces of paperwork for your shipment. This paperwork is the receipt for the transportation of …

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What are Cartage Services?


WHAT ARE CARTAGE SERVICES? Cartage is a term meaning the transportation of goods over a short distance, such as within a commercial area or town. Cartage freight companies are widely used for light hauls or local carting services that are not covered by our carriers’ services. A cartage fee applies …

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WHAT ARE ACCESSORIALS? When shipping freight, make sure it receives the proper handling it requires. Think of accessorials as add-ons to your shipment, just like adding technical features to a computer you’re buying. Some may be required, while others are completely optional. Use this list to help you determine which …

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  WHAT IS CONSOLIDATED FREIGHT SERVICE? Consolidating freight services involves combining multiple LTL freight shipments into a partial or full truckload shipment. Consolidate freight to help optimize your supply chain logistics by saving time and lowering overall cost per unit. Consolidated freight also ships via air and ocean freight, enabling …

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WHAT IS A FREIGHT BROKER? A freight broker is a bonded and DOT- (Department of Transportation) licensed agency that secures freight shipping services from freight carriers on behalf of businesses and individuals. Typical freight brokerage tasks include: Developing a network of top carriers that provide discounted rates for the freight broker’s customers …

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